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Bodega Piedra Negra

Gran Lurton Blanc, François Lurton

Tokay Friulano, Chardonnay Mendoza, 2012

Art.-Nr. 219-2102

€ 16.80
Ab 6 Fl. € 16.60
(Preis/l € 22.40)

(inkl. MwSt. D) zzgl. Versandkosten

Friulano (formerly Tocai Friulano) is a synonym for the grape variety also known as Sauvignonasse and Sauvignon Vert – it is known as the latter when used in the Friuli wine region of northern Italy.

Limited almost entirely to the foothills of the Southern and Western Alps (it has made it across to the U.S. but only in tiny quantities), the variety is decidedly less widespread than its close relative, Sauvignon Blanc. However, like its western French cousin, it produces fruity wines with lively acidity and hints of minerality. They are best drunk within a few years of harvest.

Friulano Grapes

In the 1990s and into the early years of the new millennium, Friulano and a few other grape varieties have been embroiled in a legal struggle over the use of the name "Tokay" and its various permutations. For centuries Friulano has been called Tocai Friulano, but in 1995 the European Court ruled that "Tokay" should be used only to describe the wines of Tokaj in eastern Hungary.

Although the European Court ruled on the naming restriction back in 1995, the response to this has been slow, particularly in Friuli. Although the use of the name Tocai on labels has technically been illegal since 2007, some wine producers continue to use it, and it seems unlikely that the current generation of Friuli's winemakers will drop the Tocai in conversation. It is helpful that the variety has salvaged the second half of its name, as this means "of Friul"’, making it easier to remember which of the several Tocais it is and where the grape is most widely grown.

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